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Norsk Ombruk:
Contribution to UN SDGs

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could provide the greatest opportunity and catalyst for business and economic transformation, this generation will see.

For many progressive companies, the SDGs are also seen as a positive driver for sound business, rather than an obligation. It is possible for businesses to pivot off the SDGs for a number of business advantages – unlocking a wealth of opportunities, as we seek worthy, new income streams from contributing towards the great challenges of our time.

Progressive business leaders are already engaging with the SDGs to identify where and how their businesses could make an active contribution. Exploring this vital question also drives us towards finding, or re-finding, our real purpose in business, too.

Norsk Ombruk also recognises the potential impact and contribution – associated with its remanufacturing model – in support of the greater movement towards achieving the SDGs. Their key impacts may be summarised as:

No poverty

1. End poverty. By providing access to lower-cost remanufactured appliances, Norsk Ombruk enables a benefit to lower income families – freeing up valuable money for other important life costs. While absolute poverty is the key challenge in many parts of the world, we should also be mindful of the growing levels of relative poverty in the developed world.

Affordable and clean energy

Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. While availability of renewable energy is key, energy efficiency is just as important; we need to reduce our demand for energy, to help enable a more achievable and rapid energy transition. Remanufacturing reduces both embedded and lifecycle energy.

Decent work and economic growth

Sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Circular, remanufacturing models enable further economic growth within planetary boundaries, and generate new skilled & resilient jobs and tax receipts within the real economy.

Industry, innovation and ifrastructure

Resilient infrastructure. Norsk Ombruk’s model acts as a catalyst to generate a circular economy eco-system – through joining up supply and demand networks between retailers, manufacturers, municipalities & waste management authorities: helping to bend the wasteful linear economic model into a more circular shape. Through its expansion strategy, the company is also able to influence developing circular economic infrastructure within other EU countries.

Sustainable cities and communities

Resilient cities. Norsk Ombruk is helping to generate 21st century jobs: remanufacturing skills within local economies has a big part to play in developing a more resilient urban economic future.

Resposible consumption and production

Sustainable Consumption and Production. By its very nature, remanufacturing provides an essential element in brining more sustainable production and consumption practices together.

Climate action

Climate change. Remanufacturing enables a reduced embedded carbon footprint plus reduced lifecycle emissions – by keeping existing products and resources in use for an extra five years.

Peace, justice and stron institutions

Peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. Norsk Ombruk’s model provides a catalyst for local economic re-generation that can provide greater economic opportunity for the many and – if followed with interventions towards greater economic equality – could contribute towards a more cohesive and peaceful society.